RossEnceand and APPL joined hands for the LFT? products in India , with RossEnce Expertise in Long glass fiber technology and APPL withestablished reach in automotive and Household industry in India, has already set up first LFT? production line in Puneplant, with trials in progress and future, the final capacity will be about 5K tons for APPL-RossEnce company.

APPL Rossence LFT is tested and Approved in major OEM’s globally.

With longer glass fiber length in final products, we can get the following advantages:

Toughness / Durability

    Creep resistance and fatigue properties

    Stiffness and Strength

    Weight Reduction

    Design Freedom

    Dimensional Stability at Low and High Temperature

    Recyclability / LCA

    Thermal Conductivity


    Functional Performance

LFT? has a lot of advantages, but still face some problem for application, such as warpage, long term heat aging, VOC, for fiber orientation, so the warpage is challenge for big parts application, RossEnce is first one to solve this problem with special technology,

LFT? Products


PP –LFT? (Polypropylene)

   Low VOC, Low Warpage

   High weld line strength

PA66/PA6 – LFT (Polyamide)

   Low warpage

   High weld line strength

High Performance Polymer (PA6T/66, PPS, TPU)

    High strength, high modulus, high temperature

    Replace metal

Long Carbon Fiber reinforced polymer

    High strength, high modulus

    Low density


Application forLFT?in Automotive:

For high strength and low density, so the Long glass fibre become more and more popular in Automotive design, from interior to exterior, also for high temperature requirement such as under the hood application, there is about 15 to 25kg LFT? usage per car.

LFT?Applications also are for Aviation, Defence, and Railways Applications.